The image shows the Walmart supercenter in Saugus, MA.

This store is 250,000 sq ft.  



"Frank, We had a mishap today while installing Gas Line as you already know. My site Contractor hit our temp going to the Bldg. The power stayed on. I called Dan and himself and Chris turned around came back to Saugus looked over the situation and went to Home Depot got some parts and had repairs done in a couple of hours. Thank you so much and I sure hope to hear that you will be on another W A Randolph Site in the near future, your Company is a Class act. You do your job and never complain. Jim, Peter and John appreciate what you are doing. Thanks again Sir".


Ron G. Scott
William A. Randolph, Inc.
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820 Lakeside Drive, Suite 3 | Gurnee, IL  60031
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Averill Electric has been providing quality electrical and fire alarm construction for retail projects for General Contractor Shawmut Design and Construction.


We were asked to come to there office and give a presentation to there project managers and estimating team with the intent to educate them so they could be more familiar with what to look out for on their projects.


"Hi Frank – again thank you so much for coming in to do the FA/Elec presentation. I think it went over really well in house. We found you to be very knowledgable and your experience in the retail market has been a real asset on our projects. I found the process for fire alarm permits and inspections to be a real eye opener.

Thanks again!!"


Dan Ryan, Project Manager
Shawmut Design and Construction | 560 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
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Another Testimonial


"Scott/Tim – I want to give Averill Electric my personal recommendation for their involvement in the Shake Shack Harvard Square project. Averill was extremely attentive throughout the duration of this difficult project and showed no issues with understanding the workings of a restaurant build-out. Averill also jumped through hoops to help the client get a temporary service wired up in time for Shake Shack to open before the New Year while NSTAR and the City of Cambridge were messing around with our permanent service.


As we all know this project had a short schedule with a lot of 7 day work weeks and 10 hour days and manpower never became an issue.


Please reach out to Paul if there is any further information we need from them in order to get them on future lists."



Eric Frias
Project Manager
Shawmut Design and Construction
560 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
P 617.622.7098 • F 617.622.9311